Sound Blaster Recon3D pcie rear speakers not working

I upgraded to Win 7.
Using Realtek Audio, the 5.1 rear, center and subwoofer speakers, don't work.
I added a recon3d pcie card and surround worked great.
A few days later it doesn't work again.
The Sound Blaster Trustudio test for sound from the speakers only works for the front left and right speakers.
Have checked all settings and physical connections.
Help? :pt1cable:
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  1. How are you connected? Analog or SPDIF?
  2. Analog. To a Logitek Z-5300.
    In XP everything worked fine
  3. Hey, i got the same problem. Did you fix this?

    First off, sounds from the rear also play in the left and right.
    Second I am sure that with Stereo 3D i got sound in my center before. But now its like its muted.
    3D steroe is a modus that plays stereo sound in all the speakers, but now it dosnt work with my center.
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