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Looking for first hand experience with GTX 670 DirectCUII


I'm curious on the audio level of the Asus GTX 670 DirectCUII version. (Both Top and Non-Top versions)

If you own and use one can you please comment on how loud or not loud the graphics card is? Mostly in comparison to the stock GTX 670 if possible. If not any info on how loud or not loud you think the card is, is welcome. I've read a few reviews on the stock GTX 670 and one thing that is typically mentioned is how low the noise is from the cards fan. So I was wondering how much quieter if at all the DirectCUII version was.

Thank you for any info you can give on the matter! :sol:
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    Their shouldn't be any difference in sound between the DirectCU and the TOP cards because they use the same cooler.The TOP version is just the binned chips for better overclocking.
  2. @purple stank,

    100% awesome link. Thank you.

    Definitely answers my question. Thanks for the info on the TOP version as well. Saw a higher clock on the TOP and thought maybe the fans would spin a little more to keep up.
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  4. Your quite welcome.
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