Can 450 watt Psu will run computer as it is required 650 watt psu

I am running amd readon 6700 and intel i5 2300
when I calculate the required psu from the Asus website, it says u need 650 watt psu.
does 450 watt psu can run computer coolly witout any disturbance or throttling,
And if I need higher watt psu then zebronic or which brand should I choose .
Kindly help
thank you.
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  1. The important thing to know is if 450W is continuous power or peak power, and, just as importantly (In my opinion) the efficiency of your PSU (Efficiency ~= quality).

    A 6750 and a 2300 won't eat up 450W even at their peak. That being said, a PSU is most efficient at around the 50% load mark (give or take). The closer you get to very low or very high loads, the PSU loses efficiency, which has the possibility to be bad if you start with a low quality PSU. You can stop reading now if you like.

    There is also an issue with which rail that power is coming on. The side panel of the PSU will tell you that information. Basically, not all the power (450W in this case) is from a single source (a rail). Some of that is for the CPU, motherboard, and then other components (like the GPU), so be aware of this.

    Last but not least, I am knowledgeable, but not an expert, so proceed at your own risk.
  2. My ass it does need 650 watt PSU.
    - The Radeon HD 6700 series doesn't draw anywhere near that much power.

    Are we talking CrossfireX, or just one of them?
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  4. An HD 6770 draws 100 or so watts at full load. The i5 2300 draws less than that. I'd say unless you've got some other major piece of power-sucking hardware (Like a second Video card or 10x hard drives) you're quite safe with that PSU
  5. My Frnds thanks for your response
    i would like to add that, when ever i try to convert any video my cpu temperature goes to above 86 c temp in within few minute and i have to pause and restart the process again to keep my computer cool.

    and computer becomes little freeze type,
    does this is because of 450 watt power supply
    So which one i should buy .
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