G2120 +7750 or i5 3570k and no gpu

I am on a budget built now. I play medium games and use pc for surfing and programming.
I am considering a g2120 +hd7750 for vs i5 with no gpu
what would be the best.
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    The first one is a good option, but if you're able to buy the i5, save cash, and get a GPU later on, that's possibly the better option if you're willing to wait.
  2. So long as it's a good Radeon HD 7750, with the GPU core clocked at 850MHz or above then yes it will be HEAPS faster than the Intel HD2500-HD4000.

    The Xbox 720 is likely to use the Radeon HD7750 (or similar) ATI GPU anyway, so the PC ports from Xbox 720 in the next 3 years will continue to run on that card.

    Being a young card it has more potential with future driver releases too.
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