Z77 Mobo Onboard VS PCI-E 5.1 audio card.

Im buying new pc speakers and from what i can see Logitech Z-906 5.1
seems the like the best choice in its price range.

Now I'm wondering if i would get better audio from a pci-e audio card
compared to using the onboard on my Z77 Sabertooth Mobo.

Also which audio cards would you recommend, I think the Asus Xonar series seems like a good choice above creative's new serie.
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  1. Xonar is a good choice, but I would suggest trying it on the motherboard before spending more on a sound card. You may find it better than you're expecting!
  2. I think the biggest difference would be with down or up mixing sampling or something like that and what codecs the card/onboard can convert or something.
    But i know very little about it.

    Someone that knows?
  3. Codecs are all handled within the OS. I still reckon give it a go without first. Or see if you can borrow a friend's.
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