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This is the frist time i've bought a AMD card as i've always heard bad thing's about drivers for them, well it looks like it's true as i think this is the problem i've been having with mine.

Well i bought the HIS HD 7850 2GB Graphics Card for £159.99 last week which i thought was a great price, but i updated the card after installing it to the latest version of AMD catalyst 12.6, the problem is i'm seeing some kind of artifacting in games like the grass, trees etc are like all white dots etc, i have tried turning all the settings down and running the game in a lower rez etc but nothing helps.

Can anyone please help me out here as i don't want to get rid of the card if it's something i'm not doing right, i've always used nvidia cards for the past 14 years or so and never had a problem with them, i went for this one as it was the best i could see for the price.

Thanks for any help given
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  1. Has anyone had this problem? if so how do i fix it please, to me it looks as if it's a it's a very old card that can't handle new games, i've tried uninstalling the new drivers and installing older ones.

    I'm really lost here as what to do, i feel like sending it back to the shop.
  2. so far the only game that my sapphire one has ever artifacted in is starcraft 2. in very minor areas.
  3. Did you remove the nvidia drivers completely? And people who say AMD drivers are terrible are stuck in 1999. Both nvidia and AMD have driver issues with new cards, its how it goes. A few updates ago nvidia drivers broke peoples PCs til they rolled back or put out a new driver, so whatever.
  4. That's true and the forum here are full of GTX 670 which is the top end card by nVidia the issues related to software mainly.

    @OP. What game are you playing at what resolution? Also you could try any other game.
  5. Thanks for the replys, this was a new built pc so no nvidia drivers on it, i was playing Iron Front: Liberation 1944 which was just out last week this is the main game that has it, i haven't had a chance to test out all my games yet, do you think rolling back to older drivers will help?
  6. Yes, possible. try CCC 12.3 it was very stable.
    Also, make sure that your card is properly seated and that your core & memory clocks are normal.
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