Motherboard touching Case.

I'm going to be a new builder fairly soon. And when i'm building what happens if the motherboard touches the case as i am putting it in?? i read that it will short it out. Is the only when it the computer is on after it is installed? If the motherboard touches the metal as i'm placing it in will it short out?
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    There is nothing to worry about along those lines. The motherboard does mount on metal 'standoffs' and many I/O shields are flimsy metal. The concern when handling the motherboard is ESD, Electro-Static Discharge - static electricity. Many builders wear an anti-static band to keep themselves grounded while handling computer parts. Others continually touch something grounded to discharge any built up static. Which method you use is up to you
    Hope it helps, enjoy building
  2. the motherboard touching anything metal won't be an issue before it has power going to it.
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