Replacement power supply for HPE-519C

My primary computer is an HP, model HPE-519C and it seems underpowered to me.

I dont know much about power supplies as I've never had to swap one, so I'm wondering are they easily swappable?
Could someone recommend a specific power supply for my PC in the 500 watt range?

Thanks in advance for any help, I'm in uncharted territory here.
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  1. I've looked at the sticky about recommended power supplies and that was certainly helpful. I am not a gamer but use my PC as a server and have several internal HDD's connected and need to upgrade cooling as a result and am concerend about taxing the 300 watt supply the PC came with.
    Can I just swap the CPU with my existing without replacing all the cables?
    Is it better to use the cables that come with the new CPU?
    Does the wiring need to be consistent with what I have now...several leads for HDD connection?
  2. Underwhelmed.
  3. yes well it seems u got an internal atx powersupply.

    if you check with hp support and ask them if a standard atx powersupply would fit in your case, im guessing it should, but ur powersupply is about a an inch less than a regular atx.

    if you cannot upgrade your powersupply,. maybe get a cheap replacement case and powersupply?

    let me know thanks
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