FX8150 to FX8350 is it worst it?

Hi, i have a FX8150, and seeing some reviews and it look like PD its better than BD like 10-15% depending on the game or app.

some of u guy that went from FX8150 or FX8120 to FX8350, did u see any increase on your GPU usage? and less spikes at least on BF3 or Starcraft2?

for example my FX8150 at stock keep my XFX 7950 on BF3 usually from 85% to 90%.

would i be able to get higher GPU usage upgrading to the FX8350? according to Techreport, the FX8350 expend less time after the 50ms and that leads to a better gameplay (smoothness).

but talking in real world usage, would i notice a difference?

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  1. U r want to upgrade from 8150 to 8350 Its waste of money.reason spend $100 for to get 100mhz. thinkable.
  2. The grammar on this thread is appalling.

    Anyways, yes there is a difference from the 8150-8120 to the 8350, despite what the person above says, and no it is not just 100mhz difference. The architecture has been tweaked quite a bit.
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