Weird problem on a compaq presario

So my friend's mother asked me to erase a everything I could from her pc to make it a little faster. The situation was ridiculous, she had like 5 toolbars on internet explorer and silly programs and games that she never used. like She told me that the only use of the pc right now is for youtube and to watch soup operas and that kind of stuff.
So I proceeded and uninstalled a lot of programs and weird processes. The pc worked as expected for 2 days and then it started to randomly shut down. I am right now in her house trying to identify the problem.

The first time that I tried turning it on it worked the way it should have, no problems at all. But when I was closing Chrome it shut down. It kept shutting down really fast every time i tried. it even shut down when I was looking at the BIOS.

What can I do to help her?

Here are the PC specs(it's like 7 years old)

Windows XP
Intel Pentium 4 519j @ 3.06 GHz
512MB of RAM
160 GB HDD
integrated graphics
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    Fist thing to suspect is heat, make sure all parts are dust free and fans are working.
    Second thing is the PSU. Also, for a installation that old that has accumulated so much junk over the years, the best thing is to save all important data to an external drive, format the thing and do a fresh install of the OS and programs.
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