I'm assuming this is my graphics card....

i5-2500K-normal stock speed
EVGA GTX-570HD Superclocked
Kingston HyperX 120gb SSD
GIGABYTE motherboard
1200W Gold Coolermaster PSU
Watercooled the processor
HAF 912

Every once in a while my computer would have this weird glitch, where it would freeze up every second or so for just a split millisecond. Just enough to be completely unbearable. I would restart my computer and it would work fine. It started to happen more but I could still fix it by restarting. Now when I brought my computer over to my dads, even when I restart it the problem isn't fixed. When it freezes during that split second every animation sound video stops. I cant seem to fix it now, no matter what I do. So as of now I can't use my computer at all until I leave my dads house on Wednesday. Please reply as soon as possible :) Thanks in advance.
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  1. If you suspect it's your graphics card, why don't you try taking it out of the PC, leaving it up on the desk and trying to run computer from i5 2500k graphics?

    Just a word of caution: place the card fans up, not on its fans. Placing card on it's fans may damage them.
  2. Take the graphics card out of the case, as stated above, and run the computer without a graphics card. This will help to see if the problem lies in the graphics card or in the other parts of your computer.
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