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First time builder here!

Ive set a $ limit for myself to play with for building this computer. For the most part i was doing fine recently when a graphics card went on sale and threw off what i thought was a 'finalized' idea.

Originally i thought i had settled on an "Asus GeForce GTX 560 DirectCU II TOP 1GB PCIEx16"

However, for relatively the same price (15$ difference) I now have the option of getting a "Galaxy MDT Geforce GTX 570"

So the question would be... which one would be better for performance? I dont feel that i know enough about graphics cards to make the call.

What i can tell you is that i will not be using the multi-monitor display option with the MDT 570 ... i will be using only one display screen.

( the rest of my modest but fun build is:
Sabertooth 990FX
AMD 6100 cpu
120gb ssd
16gb kingston RAM 1333
corsair enthusiast 750W modular psx
antec eleven hundred case)

Thanks very much !
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  1. GTX 570 is significantly faster.

    Also, did you buy the other components already? Because I'd see few things that I'd correct:

    1. Do you really need that expensive power supply?
    2. Better get 8 GB 1600 RAM instead of 16 GB 1333 RAM. 16 GB is totally useless.
    3. I'd strongly advice going with intel instead of AMD for the CPU. The most important reason for this suggestion is that AMD makes crap gaming CPUs (they admitted it themselves few weeks ago, that's why they are backing out of CPU business).
  2. hm well

    i got the power supply on sale for 99$ which i think is pretty good... its also reportedly quite reliable which is important.

    as far as the other stuff goes... im a noob to building and i dont know much except for what other people i know/respect have suggested, so i cant defend my choices.

    (i was told that RAM faster than 1333 is basically unnecessary, and that the "AMD vs Intel" debate was just like 'chevy vs ford')
  3. Importantly though... does the fact that the MDT 570 is designed for multi screen gaming display matter to me? Am i wasting money? because i wont be using it to multi display ...
  4. GTX570 is a way better card than a GTX560TI let alone a GTX560. Chevy vs ford - BS - for gaming Intel is better - AMD Phenom pretty good bang for the buck. Fill out the template for new builds like everybody else and we will point you in the right direction - unless of course you already have those components.
  5. with ram the ram speed 1333/1600 the 2600 is a little faster so it will help the cpu and gpu when your gaming. the 1333 ram stock speed is 667 the 1600 stock speed in the mb is 800. so two pc with the same cpu and gpu the c with the 1600 ram going to be a little faster. ram any faster then 1600 the cost to speed when doing a budget build is not worth it. with video cards nvidia. nvidia has what called cuda cores. as you go down in there models ie 580..570..560..550... to hit the price point that nvidia is selling the cards they disable parts of the there less cuda cores. less cores mean less frame rates in games. take a look a toms gpu guild for there test see the 570 is faster then the 560 and the 580 is faster then the 570.
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