GF2 MX 200 32MB W/TV SVHS Graphics Card

My computer has a GF2 MX200 32MB W/TVSVHS graphics card to which the monitor would connect. This is an old computer that I wanted to use to get acquainted with the inner workings of a computer after the hard drive died. I recently got around to trying to install XP to a new hard drive that I had gotten awhile back for this machine. When I connect the hard drive to install XP I cannot do anything because the graphics card doesn't recognize the monitor (the original monitor is long gone) and therefore I can't see any instructions. I've tried starting the computer from the Recovery CD but as the monitor is not recognized I can't see if anything is happening. I actually got a replacement motherboard for this computer because initially I thought the motherboard was the problem but since the computer itself starts up I didn't think the motherboard was the problem. Is the problem that the drivers for all the components of this motherboard do not operate due to the fact that the original hard drive that had all of the system drivers on it was wiped out? If I can't install Windows XP on this new hard drive, how can I install the drivers for the hardware/software? I can't get anything to be read on the recovery CD's, I'm not even sure the CD Rom is working. At this point I'm stymmied. If anyone wants to take the time to answer these questions thanks in advance.
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  1. To be honest you might want to try here : they seem better suited to talk about older computers than here. But I'm sure it'll work either way..

    o.o I don't think I can help much, But here is what I thought up:

    What kind of computer you are useing ( psu, model name of other parts like ram cpu etc) and model number of comp in general (if bought from hp etc) might help with more info.

    Also try out the monitor on a different computer, if you can, to see if it works.
    What monitor are you using? Model number etc, the monitor might be too advanced if it is a flat screen. I haven't heard of a 32mb card, so it must be a really old card, unless it's motherboard graphics?

    Btw recent monitors are usually plug and play, it's probably just too old fashioned, your card.

    Can it run with the card taken out? Might want to install xp using a different comp onto that hard drive if you can.

    and thats it for nowz
  2. What port are you using for display VGA, DVI, or composite? Also try another monitor. FYI this has nothing to do with drivers so don't worry about that.
  3. Depending on the motherboard it might be trying to boot off of onboard video card instead of the AGP/PCI/ISA slot.
  4. Thanks for the input, I've tried the monitor on 2 other older plug and play computers and the monitor works fine. The monitor is an older Norcent flat screen w internal speakers. I'll try some of your suggestions and see if anything helps.
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