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I was wondering what would be the best bang for your buck as far a speakers go for your home PC?

I just want these speakers for music. No set price range set as of now just looking at options.

Thank you for your help.
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  1. to be honest, if your not looking for anything fancy you can grab some 5.1 surround sounds that will work on most computers even with a standard built in sound card. sell loads of variations which will work which are pretty cheap.

    if your looking for advanced and better sound then its dependent on your sound card and how much your willing to pay, but for a simple low cost approach a decent 5.1 sound system should do the trick and they can be found cheap at lots of places.

    Hope i helped
  2. Thank you helped lots..

    If I was going to go the more expensive route what sound card would be best?

    I would be willing to spend about 200-300 total for speakers and sound card.
  3. not too sure as I've never really looked into them, however sound blasters seem highly recommended and with that budget (£?/$?) you should be good for both a decent 7.1 sound card and a decent 7.1 PC speaker set.

    again can supply both but not sure if they will be the cheapest around, im sure youll be able to find it abit cheaper if you look around on the net.
  4. I've had good luck with Logitech 2.1 speaker set ups, Altec-Lansing also has some decent 2.1 set ups. For strictly music I prefer the less cluttered 2.1 sets instead of having a surround set up and wires everywhere.

    I have an early set of Z series Logitech 2.1s that were plenty for normal PC music listening, something similar should run around $75. I got a THX certified set since then that have plenty of power and bass. The THX sets are around $200.

    I've always used the onboard sound, and the Gigabyte Z77-UD3H I currently have supports 7.1 surround and has some other fancier outputs as well. I don't think you'd get much benefit out of a sound card unless you were doing professional editing and using a fairly high end sound card and speaker set-up (which would be more than your budget I think)
  5. Thank you Spider/Avanged for the great info.. I think I will get some 2.1 I agree with not having wires as well, and wireless seems a bit unstable for me.

    I think I will just get a 2.1 with a nice subwoofer..

    I think 100 American dollars should do the job..

    Thank you once again guys
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