No 6 Pin / Spare Molex Connections, Best Budget Card Better Than 8600GT


I currently have the 8600GT in my system and wish to upgrade, but i have no spare molex and no 6 pin connectors so i've been looking for a low power one such as the 4670/5670/ECT, are there any budget ones like these and do you recommend any sites for the UK for cheap graphics cards?

Thank you all in advance for the help!
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  1. i know i may be dreaming here but, anything better than the 8600gt (DDR2 Version) for around £40? from anywhere, ive found a few 6670s and such from ebay for around that price but the 6670 needed a power 6 pin connector apparently?
  2. For that price only on ebay used cards or this : (still a bit higher than 40)

    The 6670 doesn't need a 6 pin connector, same requirements as the 7750.
  3. thanks for the help, just been looking at 9600gt as some of them dont require the 6 pin connection and they are floating around pretty cheap on ebay.

    any chance you seen any of these for sale online at a good price? thanks for the help.
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