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I have a new PC, it's an Acer Aspire X1930, it's a slimline version with windows 7 home premium. I wanted to be able to see my display on two screens that I had with my old pc, using a vga connect and a dvi connection. So, I purchased a graphics card, a bit blindly really, because I didn't really care about it's functionality, it's and Asus HD 5450. So, I installed my graphics card, which had a dvi and a hdmi connection. Windows 7 automatically picked up the new card and I was able to see my display on the screen with the dvi connection. However, I cannot see anything using the original vga connection that is on the PC, which I need for the second screen. In the device manager, there is only one, I've installed the driver using the cd and the same results. If I power on the machine and have nothing connected to new graphics card just the original vga connector, screen is blank. If I take out graphics card, vga connection works fine, put it in back, same thing no way will it display, it's as if the new card replaces the original display adapter or takes it over completely. Your help would be greatly appreciated, this seemingly simple task is wrecking my head
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  1. did you get any dvi-to-vga adapters with the card? or any adapters for that matter...

    normally you cant use both integrated and dedicated video cards at the same time, as you have discovered already :)
    anyhow, boot into BIOS and see if there is a setting to have both enabled... (hit del on startup, or some other key depending on manuf's settings...check the manual if needed)
  2. no, i didn't get any adapters, that's not really the issue, they'd be no use to me, i checked in the Bios and it said Onboard Graphics Controller was disabled and it doesn't allow me to change it, so I guess that's it then, I never knew you couldn't use dedicated card and onboard controller, u learn something new, damn it
  3. He asked cause the 5450 supports 3 monitors. Dont be so quick to shoot down a suggestion on a forum you asked for help on.
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