Safe temperatures for GTX 560? Dual Fan Edition

Hey guys, I'm pretty new here, so some advice would be delicious :)

I just installed my newGTX 560.
At idle. [like not running games] it runs at 44-47 degrees C.

When I run Crysis 2. Maximum graphics all turned on DX11 and all that jazz, it touched around 68-69 degrees C.

When I ran Metro2033 maximum graphics it touched around the 73-74 Degrees C.

Are these temperatures safe? Is it going to damage the computer because I was getting slightly worried :(
I realized they peak at these temperatures and don't go any higher.
What is the danger point for this graphics card?
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  1. Those temperatures are perfect. You really don't want the GPU getting over 80-85, and the thermal threshold for most is a little over 105, but you don't want the GPU being that high.

    Your temps are fine.
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