GTX 560 Bsod! Help!!

Hey guys i have just installed my GTX 560, and it was working fine last night. All of a sudden this morning, before i get to the account selection screen of Windows 7 i get a BSOD.

I am able to boot to safe mode, but my screen is suffering from massive screen corruption. [Looks like many little white lines dashed upon the screen] It's really annoying. I have uninstalled the GTX 560 drivers, and the BSOD was gone. [yay] but the screen corruption is still present. Is there some faulty connections or half connected plugs in or something? Urgent help. please.
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  1. EDIT: I have just uninstalled the GTX 560 drivers and can boot normally with a BSOD. But the screen damage is still present!!!! Hellllppp.
  2. Sounds like the card is dying. I'd say it's RMA time, if you can.
  3. Dying??? I recieved it yesterday! It's technically brand new. It worked perfectly yesterday...
  4. There are such things as brand new cards being bad directly from the factory. Bad luck, but it happens. There's really not much else it COULD be. The mobo or PSU maybe, but I highly doubt it on either one.
  5. I installed a different type of Driver and now get a black screen after Windows is loading page...
  6. Eh, I know it's a pain, but since it's brand new, a RMA will be easy to get.
  7. Well, if you got it yesterday, then you could probably return it and get a new one. Might as well.
  8. Brand new ? Call tech support dude.
  9. OMG. It was working just one hour ago, when I put it to sleep, it fell into a coma and did not wake up. Then i manually restarted, then after the Windows is starting screen it just stayed on a black screen. WTF
  10. OP,

    Your card is dead, or having problems. Rather than wait for the return/warranty period to expire, you need to act now. The 560 (exp 560 Ti) is a good card you just got a lemon.

    Please, call wherever you got it from, and get it replaced. It doesn't matter if the card starts working perfectly again. You know it has this problem, so why would you keep a faulty card that only works part of the time. A real 560 or 560 Ti will scream past any games for a long time.

  11. Apparently some guy (not on this fourm) said it was a driver issue? Because when I put my other graphics card in it works fine. But when i place the Gigabyte GTX 560 non ti it goes haywire. There are literally white lines, artifacts ridden across the screen. Also, I can't get any further than the "Windows is starting" then i get a BSOD, or a pure black, blank screen. And then, I go into a safe mode. And every thing is working out just fine, ( i get past the account selection screens, no bsods, no blank screens.) BUT my screen resolution is poor. I checked the 'dxdiag' and it is NOT reading the graphics card at all. So then, I uninstalled the Drivers for the 560 and restarted. This time, I go passed the selection screen (Note I AM NOT IN SAFE MODE ANYMORE) So, I decided to reinstall the GTX 560 drivers. Which I install, from the Gigabyte website. (Also tried drivers from the Nvidia.) When it asks for restart, I click restart now. Then, when I do this, my problem rises, I begin to get artifacts like crazy and I get blank screens before account selection screen. Sometimes bsod, like mentioned above. So, is this problem the driver?? Because the when the GTX 560 is in, with no driver, I don't need to go into safe mode anymore and everything is okay BUT the 560 isn't being read. I'm on the default graphics [onboard].
    It was odd, because it all of a sudden worked awhile back.
  12. I've had a card once that only acted up with drivers installed too and it turned out to be a bad card as well (older at the time, and nowhere near new, though), so I'd say just go ahead and return it for a replacement.
  13. ARgghhh damn that sucks, because I have to wait until 3 days until i can send it back. Are the drivers stuffing it up?
  14. Nah, I highly doubt that it's the drivers themselves causing it. Installing the drivers basically just "turns on" the card, so that's why it misbehaves with them installed.
  15. I get digital artifacts even before I get to the selection screen. Like, even during the boot up.
  16. safewaypower1 said:
    I get digital artifacts even before I get to the selection screen. Like, even during the boot up.

    Even more reason to suspect that it's a bad card. Just RETURN it! LOL
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