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Hi guys,

my laptop died a month ago so I had to get an affordable PC, but I still managed to get a decent CPU and MBO for some recent upgrades. Money is not as tight as it was then so I'd like to finish my build. Currently I have this:

Intel® i5-3570k (Intel HD 4000 graphics), cooled by Scythe Samurai ZZ
Intel® Desktop Board DZ77BH-55K
4 GB Corsair RAM Value series 1x4 (1333 MHz)

PSU: Corsair TX650 v2
HDD: WD 500 GB
ODD: generic DVD burner
Sharkoon card reader
Chieftec Case
LG IPS235 monitor

I would love to get a moderate GPU as well as an UPS device (I've really gotten used to battery backup, already had some unpleasant situations due to power cut).

For a GPU I would love to be able to play all the recent games in at least 720p (1280x720) in full details. I did some research and would like to get something within the price range of


As far as I've seen, this GPU is more than capable to play recent games, some even in 1920x1080 maxxed out. I would like to get a relatively silent card that also works on moderately low temperatures, if that's possible.

I am not a serious gamer since I don't have the time anymore but I would like to play my games properly, at least for the time being.

This leads to my second request, and would love to hear your guys' opinion about UPS devices. Currently my whole PC draws sub 100w on idle and I can get the

UPS APC Back ES, 700 VA (~405 W).

I think this particular UPS is more than capable of handling such a configuration, but would like to hear some of your thoughts regarding UPS devices. Unfortunately, I can't get any other brand here, but if there are some that are more reliable and efficient, I'd gladly invest into purchasing it abroad.

Thanks for your time and thoughts, any info would be appreciated.
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  1. Those both sound like solid options to me. Your setup should easily be able to accommodate those upgrades.
  2. the 7770 is fine if you are looking for an efficient card that does work at that price range(more or less because the next card up is over 100$ more expensive, and nvidia doesn't have a current gen card in this price range). as for knowledge in ups devices, mines is lacking.
  3. Thanks for replies guys,

    in the meantime I watched a couple of reviews and I've encountered this one

    In the end of the video he mentions that this card is very silent and runs cool, guess this is what I'm getting.

    Still waiting for some UPS advices, I've noticed a thread here where a 1500 VA was recommended (more mentioned as obligatory to avoid fire hazards) for a similar configuration...
  4. go to techpowerup to review the specific 7770 cards, because they do a good job doing sound and noise measurements.

    You have to note that prices vary, so $40 ends up like 40 percent difference in a $100 card. This is pretty significant...

    It is usually the cheaper noisy cards that are on sale, whereas the quiet cards still are pricey, and demand that premium

    Take a look at these reviews.
    this one is 10% overclocked but still quiet
    this one also got good noise reviews.
    this Asus is an older review, and there is a 2nd gen version of this card out now that supposedly has slightly better power setup.
  5. Thanks raytseng, that is really useful!
  6. I settled for a 7850, still have about 20 minutes of battery life on the UPS. Sweet!
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