BattleField 3 and Catalyst Problems!

Hi everyone. I'm currently facing serious problems with catalyst's versions up from 12.1. Every newer version I tried gave me bsod's when my computer was idle, which is ridiculous. I tried clean installing everything but had no success. I'm testing 12.6 (the official beta) now and I haven't had any bsod so far, but I can't correctly configure my eyefinity setup and battlelfield 3 won't start after the update, it says it is initializing and then nothing happens. I know is is related to the catalyst version because I went back to 12.1 and the game starts right away. This also happens with mass effect 3 and if I try to open widescreen fixer it crashes. I tried uninstalling the previous version first and it didn't help. I tried installing it over the previous version and it didn't work. I have two 5870's in crossfire and three monitors plugged via dvi x2 and displayport. When I try to enable eyefinity it says it is enabled but nothing changes, I still remain with mirrored screens. The main reason I want to try newer versions is because I've been trying to play bf3 in eyefinity for months now but I just can't. I get massive drops in framerates and I've tried everything. I have an i7 920@4ghz and 6gb ram and I tried lowering the overall quality, disabling hyper-threading and a bunch of other things but nothing works. I can play with one card on ultra settings without aa at about 25 to 30 fps but when I enable crossfire my fps won't go past 40fps and it keeps dropping to 15 or lower all the time making it really hard to play. Also if I play using only one monitor and crossfire enabled the second gpu utilization drops to 0 as if it was using only one card. Please help! I don't know what else to do....
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  1. Use the AMD uninstall utility to remove the older Catalyst drivers and CCC completely. Also uninstall all the old CAP profiles. Then reboot and use Driver Sweeper to get rid of the other junk. DO NOT RUN DRIVER SWEEPER FIRST. Reboot again and install the 12.4 or 12.6 drivers. Then install the latest 12.6 profiles.

    Battlefield 3 is a fairly demanding and poorly coded game. Last time I played it there were still plenty of issues playing on a single monitor with a second display plugged in. Most of BF3s problems are DICE's fault and no one else's.
  2. Thank you for the tip, but I already tried that with no luck. What about the game not starting? What could be causing this?
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