-12V fluctuation. Is something wrong?

Running HWmonitor I noticed on a new build that I have a -12V that fluctuates a lot. what is the -12V for and is it suppose to range from -4 to -12?
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  1. No. It should stay within 5% of 12v I believe.
  2. The -12V rail is pretty much obsolete now and is only kept on to provide backward compatibility with older hardware. Some older types of serial port circuits required both -12V and +12V voltages, but since almost no one except industrial users use serial ports anymore you as a typical home user can pretty much disregard this rail.
  3. I'm running a thermaltake 430w on a gigabyte 970-d3 board with an AMD FX-4170 processor. So I'm guessing that I'm not using the -12v??, so why is it fluctuating? Which one is the -12v? I also noticed my processor voltage was ranging from .9v to 1.44v. At first I thought this had to do with the -12v, but I'm starting to wonder if its just the way the architecture of the processors handles loads. My phenom II doesn't do that.
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