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Hello all!

Just have a simple question here. I just replaced my old E5700 dual core with a Q2C Q9400
My old CPU was running around 60-65 peak temps under moderate to heavy load, didnt know of/use prime95 at the time.

Due to concern of my ability to apply thermal paste, I have been using it with my new CPU to take things for a test run.

As of right now, during regular intensive usage ( multiple games open, multiple apps, enough to bottleneck my GPU and put CPU around 60% - 70% usage ) my temps range from 60-70 degrees.

While running Prime95 my temps are capping at 79/73/76/77.

I have checked my TIM application multiple times to ensure a thin even coat, and seem to be doing ok with it, if possibly a little thick. ( Cleaned with rubbing alcohol and reapplied each time )

My question is - Are these acceptable temperatures for prolonged usage, since I dont currently have the budget for a better cooling unit?

Temps are being monitored with RealTemp 3.70.
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  1. 72c is the max Intel allows. Save your money for a better heatsink, and stop using prime 95. You already know your heatsink is not adequate, so don't stress your system until you can get a better cooler.
  2. Youre absolutely right oldie, but im just curious if running low 70s / high 60s while gaming UNTIL I get a new heatsink is -

    A - Borderline fry my processor
    B - Not that big of a deal and can be dealt with later.
    C - Should be a little nervous, but probably wont do anything but shorten CPU lifespan a bit.
  3. It may run; if it's too hot for windows, then it will freeze, or start rebooting. I wouldn't play too long. Limit yourself to 20-30 minutes at a time. You can also try removing the side panel and see if that helps. I use coretemp when I want to monitor temps, but accuracy varies.
  4. Anyone else have differing opinions, or even a 2nd opinion?

    In response to oldie, running low 70s is 100% stable right now, nothing stuttering, no lockups, reboots.

    Im just worried that if I run it at 70-75c im going to turn my computer on a couple weeks from now with a fried CPU.
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