Waste of a GTX 670 to get a 60hz refresh rate monitor?

Hey Tom's Hardware. I recently decided on getting a GTX 670 and upgrading my monitor. When looking for monitors I discovered that monitors with a 60hz refresh rate cap your FPS at 60 in games, and cause screen tearing for anything over 60.

Since my FPS with a 670 will be over 60 for most games, should I be looking at getting 120hz TN over a 60hz IPS?

I want the better image quality of an IPS, but I don't want to feel like I'm wasting my cards power by not getting a 120hz monitor.

I'd also like to mention I don't play games competitively, so I'm not worried about 120hz giving me an advantage only in FPS games. I mostly play Skyrim, Battlefield 3, and Diablo 3. I just want to know if it'd be a waste of my card to get any monitor under 120hz.

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  1. Pretty much. There is a reason why "Eyefinity" and the like has come out. And 3D if you're into that.
  2. Bro, 60 fps is the swett spot for fps. If you can get your games to run at a constant 60 fps. then hats off to you my friend. Also, the reason yoru fps is capping at 60 is because your running vsync or adaptive vysnc. I have realized that running without those actually give better gameplay. I can even hit above 60 fps with my 670 now that i shied away from vsync
  3. Yes, but because the monitor is capped at 60FPS you'll never see those extra frames. Who cares if you can make 120FPS, your 60hz monitor will only show you every other frame.
  4. Well i can say this.. If your getting a monitor that has a 120hz refres rate... Your gonna need a little more than a 670 to cap it at 120mhz with vsync...
  5. I see thanks for the replies.

    So should I get a 120hz or just not worry about it and go with a better quality IPS? I'd like to keep the card for a while and I know in a few years I won't be able to go very far above 60 fps.
  6. I was worried about TN panels myself. I'm on my second one now (upgraded for size) and neither has been an issue. The first worked out of the box, while the second needed some calibrating. I wouldn't worry too much about the TN issues. You'll adapt to it pretty quick.
  7. I use a IPS currently, before i was just using a regular monitor but... i gotta say.. this IPS from AOC is pretty nice
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