Hello Guys,, i want To ask u A question But Please understand it very well ! 1-MY Monitor(LCD) No HMDi Socket On It 2- My Graphics Card Got Hdmi Socket .. And I want TO COnnecT MY LCD with HDMI cable(To get The HD SCREEN) What Adaptor shoud i use :D Thx For Helping Reading
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  1. if your monitor has DVI just use that. its the same as HDMI. if necessary you can get a DVI to HDMI adapter or cable. if your monitor just has VGA.you're put of luck.
  2. That's the cable i linked.
  3. IF I Get An DVI To HDMI CAble *Adapter it will work AS HDMI (HD SCREEN) ?,,,,,
    Thx FFor Helping I will use the DVi
  4. HDMI is copy of DVI but with added sound. Therefore video quality will be identical on both.
  5. OKay thanks AlL Fore Helping :)
  6. Your welcome glad to assist.
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