E6400, What RAM is needed so it runs perfectly?

My friend is getting a free E6400 and he was wondering what kind of ram does he need so it wont bottleneck/work w.o problems.

RAM he has:
1x PC5300 512mb
3x PC4300 512mb
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  1. specs ?
  2. The Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6400 has an FSB if 1066 and support dual channel memory so you are going to want to use DDR 2 with a speed of at least 533 (pc4200). You can use 667 or 800 based on what the board will support but you do want to put in in matching pairs. As far as it bottlenecking you would have to know the other components (i.e. video card). I would try to have at least 2GB of memory for a current system and moving up to 4GB if the you have a 64bit OS.
  3. Go with 2x2GB DD2-1066 (PC2 8500), set to 800mhz and then overclock the cpu, keeping the memory at 1:1, cpu voltage no higher that 1.4v, should hit about 3.6ghz with good cooling. A lot of good guides over at extreme overclocking.
  4. She said she has ATI HD 5450 512mb low profile also she said she has no option in the bios to OC and the MB supports only DDR2 800, DDR2 667, or DDR2 533 MHz SDRAM DIMMs

    What happens if I have different RAM speeds? does the fastest RAM starts running on lower speed?

    Thank you for all the answers so far!

    EDIT: So basically if I have a CPU with 800 and ram 533, it will bottleneck the cpu right?
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