Somthing wrong whit my new build

Hi im new here and i read lots of stufss here which help me :)

Today i finish my build of PC

there is specification

Motherboard: ASROCK B75M-GL /B75/1155

CPU:Intel I3-2120 3.3GHZ/3MB/LGA1155/BOX


HDD: 500GB Hitachi


but when today i buy RAM and put it and try to first time run my build its speaker gona beep 2 times and my computer is shuting down and doing all times, i didnt put any GPU i try whit integrated intel graphics( which one is in CPU) all is new how is can be possible?
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  1. ok i change my ram and now its beep 4 times(short) while all is new what i should do ?
  2. If a PC beeps on POST (Power On Self Test) 4 short times It means that it has a System timer Failure. This can be a problem with the CMOS battery, Make sure that it is correctly inserted and in place, maybe buy a new one.

    If there are anymore experienced people they may wish to correct me but this is what I remember from my computing course.
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