DirectX games not working GTX 680

When i play minecraft or Counter-Strike, it works. But when i try starting up Starcraft II, Fallout, Battlefield (sometimes it works) and MW3 its stuck on black screen

I am running windows 8 is that the problem?

GTX 680
12GB Ram 1332MHz

edit: only directx11 games work atm??? (like BF3, 3DMark)
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  1. could be windows 8, and i don't believe current drivers are fully supportive of windows 8. But hang in there. NVIDIA recently announced that Microsoft has begun certifying NVIDIA Geforce drivers alreayd for windows 8
  2. yeah, its probably a windows 8 problem, being that its pretty new and there is little support for it just yet.
  3. Short answer, Windows 8.
  4. make sure on your older games in windows 8 your running them as an administrator. if not the game cant update itself or run right. also if it wont run in windows 8 try running it in xp service pack mode 3.
  5. i fixed it somewhat. Now only DirectX11 games work like Battlefield 3, 3dMark11 Advanced etc.
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