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I just installed everything, checked all the power cables etc and went through the PSU test with the clip and PSU is fine, is it the motherboard? did not install a CD drive though is ithat the problem?
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  1. Also there was no Beep at all. Everything was stagnant. So is it the Ram or motherboard or cd drive (this one is probably not it but jw to make sure) THX

    edit: did i use the wrong screws to connect my motherboard to my case? maybe
  2. unscrew the board and check if you did not put standoff post where it should not be try the system on a cardboard first
  3. just tried no post or any beep. Is there anything besides the motherboard that can cause no beeping sound or anything to happen? I am about to just return the motherboard
  4. if you have the both power cable connected to the board with the cpu fan in and memory stick on it should start or at least made a beepwhen you start her up ,dose thisboard have some debug light give the name and model of her
  5. ASRock 970 EXTREME3 AMD 970, i g et no response when i hit the power button, maybe the case power button is broken? doesnt seem like it to me though
  6. could you short momentary the 2 power connector to see if system start did you switch on your psu some have a switch to on and off for power
  7. i dont get the first part abotu shorting momentary, i did switch on my psu because i did the paper clip thing to see if the psu would turn on.
  8. that are the 2 pins where the case power button connect to the board if it start then you case power button could have something
  9. should i return my case or try to fix the case? my case is the rosewill Challenger. I opened the front panel and everything seems in place.
  10. do you have a voltmeter to test the switch you put it on ohm and press the switch with the probe conected to the output of the switch and see is you get some readings if not rma case
  11. when you mean short you mean take something like a screwdriver and touch the PWR SW on the motherboard together?
  12. no, no voltmeter here. i have no other means of testing if it is the case. maybe i should just rma it. I have another Mobo and ram coming in tmr see if that works. if not it probably is the case. Thank you
  13. since you got another system check this board on that case to see if it will boot
  14. o no i didnt mean i have another system, just another motherboard and ram are coming in.
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    though you had another system on hand,do you have a frien that have a old computer case to test the system you got so you will see if it is the board or the case
  16. yea i will have to wait for tmr since hes out of town, ill let you know if anything new comes up, Thank you
  17. be around for the result
  18. Thx for your help, It was actually the mobo. Everything is up and runng ty!
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