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2500k OC

Hello everyone,

Looking for some confirmation regarding my OC...
I originally upgraded to the 2500k about 4 months ago and didn't set up the offset function. I immediately OC'd it to 4.5 (first time OCing any CPU) using the multiplier @ 1.296v and it seemed to work well. I started getting x124 BSOD's... Decided to try setting up the offset, based off some things I read about he x124 issue. The CPU is still set to 4.5, offset is at -.010. Voltage drops to .954-.960 at idle and up to 1.304 and sometimes 1.312 under full load. As 1.312 as the max V and it being so close to what I found the minimum V could be for 4.5Ghz (1.296), I figured it would be ok. It hasn't crashed since I got the setup seemingly stable, temps don't go beyond 58ºC or so under full p95 testing for hours, c3/c6 are disabled, LLC I believe is set to medium. I definitely wish I had set it up this way to begin with... ~.300v NOT constantly being fed to the CPU? Yes please. Anyway, I know everything points to it being alright, but since I don't really know anything about OC'ing and this is essentially a continuation of my first OC'ing, figured I'd ask you nerdy geniuses out there if I'm cooking my CPU w/o being aware. Thanks for any help!
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    Volts and temps are fine/within limits so you are fine.
  2. Thanks, appreciate it the feedback.
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