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Hey everyone, i have a rather nice gaming rig i have spent over two years building up but now that i have gone mulit monitors i seem to have a dilemma. A lot of games still don't support multi monitors including SC2 which there is a mod for but it doesnt work so well. So i know how to set up an amd eyefinity display on my three monitors and set it back to multi desktops but that's a little cumbersome when switching between games that support the monitors and those that don't. is there a macro or hotkey set up someone had figured to that they can set up both profiles of eyefinity and three desktops so that i dont have to re config every time i play BF3 after SC2 and vise versa?

Thank you all,
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  1. I have just been doing it the long way -_- (and it sucks because I just started playing Metro 2033 @5760 and scII @1920 both religiously when I got my 7870)


    -It's possible that they might add in something with a later version of ccc but who knows. Hell there may even be something out right now but I never looked for it
  2. Its just so annoying having to change it or turn off my outer screens so i don't see my game playing on all three screens. :(
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