Need help in buying a GPU for my desktop

Hi, I have a ASUS M5A88-M with FX 4100 and 2x 4GB RAM (1333). I want to replace my old Nvidia 9600GT GPU with a new one. It already has an Integrated ATI Radeon HD 4250 GPU, now should I buy an ATI Radeon or Nvidia GPU? As there is Crossfire x support, will buying an Radeon GPU help in any way?
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  1. there is no benefit to going AMD because of the inbuilt Ati.

    start with your budget, and resolution and work from there.
  2. The best card for you to choose, would be this HD 7770 that is on sale right now for $99.
    Anything stronger will be bottlenecked by your CPU, and the HD 7770 is still over three times more powerful than the 9600GT
  3. Azathoth if I put an HD 7770, will the on board gpu and this external gpu (7770) work in tandem OR will the HD 7770 work alone? I mean that is what the CrossFireX technology means right? Pls correct me if I am wrong, i'm a bit outdated on these.

    Secondly M5A88-M motherboard supports PCI Express 2.0 x16, whereas this HD 7770 works on PCI Express 3.0 x16. Wouldn't this be a bottleneck on the performance?
  4. the 7770 is significantly more powerful than the 4xxx series that you have been better pairing with, the benefit you would get (even if it worked) would be tiny.
  5. I understand ur point 13thmonkey. I was also looking at Nvidia GTX 550Ti which seems to be a commonly preferred card by many.
    If I were to compare between these 2 (GTX 550Ti and HD 7770) which one should I be going for??
    Performance wise I need the better one, cost is not a factor.

    but I'd go for more, I don't believe that bottlenecking will be too much of an issue
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