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Ok fellas I turn to you for help.

I am an I.T System Administrator this will be my first pc/gaming pc build... I will have a little help

Heres my Delima

I want to build a gaming pc to play high graphic games on high speed games. Mostly Call Of Duty and Dirt3 type racing games, I have a racing chair that I will be connecting to it USB

There are too many choices on cpu's motherboards graphics cards I have no clue where to start.

I am trying to keep this build around $800 if its not possible to get performance for that much let me know, I will be using a 1080p projector.

Any and all help will be a huge help, I am sure there will be a fight between amd and intel I prefer AMD simply because I have had AMD pc's my whole life

Thanks in advance
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  1. :) I would like to keep the build around 800 but I have invested 700 in a racing chair, 700 in a 1080p projector if the pc cant give me good results then it will be a waste. again I want to stay around 800. I am open to intel ideas too :)
  2. 7850 will be fine for Dirt 3 and Call Of Duty (MW3?). I play Dirt 3 on Ultra settings on my 40" HD TV at 1080p and it runs like a dream (50-60 fps).

    But if you have the extra cash then the 7950 is also a pretty good deal if you want to make sure you can handle racing games in the future without having to upgrade too soon.

    You can also save a bit more cash by getting 8GB of 1600 RAM instead

    So -$15 for the RAM, and then change to a 7850 ($209 after rebate, comes with Dirt Showdown) and you are well under your $800 budget.
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