Need a new PSU

For the last couple of weeks my computer has not been starting up properly.
One day, out of the blue, it just wouldn't power up. The little power LED at the back was glowing so it was at least receiving power. After furiously pressing the power on button I went in the other room to search for solutions online. When I came back 5 minutes later it had magically started again. It did the same thing a couple of times after that, with a few normal startups in between.
Now it will not turn on at all. I assume it's because of the PSU?
I don't know much about computers, about as much as the average Joe would perhaps slightly more, but I don't know anything about PSU's.

So I'm looking to buy a new PSU but I don't know what I should look for.
Would this PSU work with this computer?
(I've replaced the graphics card with a Nvidia Geforce GT610, if that's relevant)

Thank you in advance!
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  1. My link was for an antec neo eco 520c 520w for $54.99 at newegg.
  2. thats a broken link dude, theres no powersupply.

    how much u got to spend on a powersupply?
  3. no guarantee its your psu at fault

    you can buy psu testers cheaper than a new psu just to make sure
  4. Just as cheap as I can get it, without downgrading myself (which is probably impossible since the original power supply is so godamn old). The PSU I'm thinking of buying is a Corsair CX430 V3.

    Really? What else could be causing it? My other guess would be a faulty wiring for the power button, but I dont know how to test that.. Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks for the tip about the psu testers though!
  5. You could really get away with a quality 420watt PSU to be honest, that unit only shipped with a 300 watt unit by the looks of it.

    I'd say 70% chance the PSU is at fault...

    nm, you're looking at the CX430 anyway
  6. eh cx430 is an alright model but for a bit more u can get better.

    id recommand this instead:

    a few bucks more and alot better, solid xfx ps
  7. Thanks for the recommendations!
    As luck would have it, they have the XFX PSU in my local shop, so I'm probably gonna go with that one.
    So thank you again!
  8. ok enjoy ur good choice sir :)
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