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Hey everyone, i did a quick search for the answer to my question and couldn't find anything quite like it so i thought i'd just get one with it.
I have bought 5 BenQ RL2450HT 24" monitors and i wanted to set them up as a 5x1 eyefinity display. I am running an ATI Radeon 6970 2GB and i have 5 ports on the card. I KNOW i need active adapters for the mini display ports, but at my local computer hardware outlet, they insisted i needed 2 active Dual Link DVI adapters for them. they said the single link might work, but it would probably look horrible. Is this true? it doesn't make sense to me why i would need the extra bandwidth of the dual link adapters if its just going to a display that is doing 1080p. Perhaps the extra bandwidth is needed for eyefinity to keep everything sync'd properly?
I would perfer to go with the single link active adapters due to the price, but i'm in so deep already that i want to make sure it looks perfect. Can anyone give me a quick run down on why it might be necessary to us 2 active dual link adapters for the mini display ports?

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  1. I might have disappointed news for you, HD 6970 support max of 3 monitors for 5 monitors Eyefinity you need one of the Eyefinity edition cards.
  2. ilysaml said:
    I might have disappointed news for you, HD 6970 support max of 3 monitors for 5 monitors Eyefinity you need one of the Eyefinity edition cards.

    There ARE 6970 eyefinity cards however that use displayport 1.2 and only have 5 ports (2 mini displayport, one HDMI, 2dvi), but can run 6 monitors. As far as i know though you can only run 2 monitors off the DVI/HDMI ports and the rest have to be run off the display port connectors via a hub or Daisy chaining, so check your card. an example

    info on hub

    active display port to dual link DVI adapters are only needed for resolutions over 1920x1200. below that it makes ZERO difference. They likely just want the commission on the higher priced items. or are idiots.

    As for looking horrid, yea sure it will for gaming if you're pushing 5 monitors with a single 6970
  3. Yes I know that a single card can drive up to 6 monitors, DP 1.2 can support up to 3 monitors per port, but the market is not ready yet for MST hub support and it's very expensive, it's still under implementation.

    DP 1.2 can support six monitors per two connectors, but will require a breakout box or daisy chain compatible monitors. So really you are back to three easy to connect monitors. We advise three monitors as maximum for Eyefinity anyway.
  4. Thanks for the replies, you are right of course. I can't find any info on my card that indicates i can use eyefinity for more than 3 monitors. I bought this card over a year ago and at the time my plan was to use 3 30" monitors that had a resolution of 2560x1600, which would have worked fine with this card. I recently decided the 5x1 portrait mode was what i would go with instead cause of the cost savings, and the limitations of the card completely escaped me. So i guess its time for a new video card for me. currently i'm looking at this :

    Which should fix everything and run the 5400x1920 resolution i'm gonna have better.
    Unless of course i missed something, in which case, please tell me before i go spend over $500 on a new card. ;)
  5. You're good to go, but tell me are you planning to play games or do work?
    Cause playing games will require a massive GPU power to maintain playable FPS at every game.
  6. it will be for gaming. And yes, i know that i will need MORE power to do that res and make it buttery smooth, but i will add an additional card later for crossfire.
    At the moment i'm not playing a lot of graphically demanding games, so i'm not anticipating too many issues. A little lowered detail for a little while will be fine. :)
  7. So you're good to go.
  8. and just so i'm clear, i don't need any active dual link adapters for the new video card? Do i just need 1 active single link or do i need an active single link for every display port?
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    You'll need mini Active Display Ports for all the monitors that doesn't have a DisplayPort.
  10. That is correct for anything below the 1920x1200 single link is enough. The active adapters should not cost more than $35 max! Also that 6970 will still fetch some good coin if your upgrading. Gogo ebay/craigs/local friends :D
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  12. Thanks for all the help guys, i got it all up and running and it looks fantastic. And i have some pretty decent frame rates except for a bit of tearing in FPS games. I am disappointed that diablo 3 won't support any eyefinity resolutions but thats what you get for living on the bleeding edge i suppose. :)
    And i actually have another gaming rig to drop the 6970 into that only has a 4970 in it right now. Its a shuttle PC however and i'm not sure the 6970 will fit in the small case... or run of that power supply either i guess. :S
  13. Yeah there are a lot of games that aren't supported by eyefinity (diablo3, starcraft2, skyrim needs patching, me2).

    But the games that do work are amazing. Mass Effect3 for example is amazing to play on eyefinity. Also checkout this makes a ton of other games eyefinity compatible.
  14. already found that trying to find a way to make diablo 3 work. :)
    It works, the problem is that the game will only let me run windowed mode... at 1024x768. Which is about as much fun as watching a java applet. Can't change any resolutions or display modes. So widescreenfixer just renders the game at 5400x1920 in that single 1024x768 window... which doesn't really work.
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