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So i owned a XPS 630i Intel core 2 quad CPU Q6600 2.40GHz 750W 3.50 RAM GTX 470, I believe is time to upgrade to either I-5 or I-7..I have 500 bucks with me to spend..please give me some ideas as of what I need. I want to use a GTX690-80 or a GTX 480 upgrade..
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  1. well to upgrade to a better CPU you will have to get a new mobo and ram to go with it. maybe even a new PSU
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    the GTX 480 is a dinosaur like your 470, I wouldn't consider it very much of an upgrade. A GTX 690 is out of your budget and a GTX 680 would take all of your budget, even a GTX 670 is $400. The best GPU value right now is probably the AMD HD 7870 for $280 or the 7850 for $220.

    a i5 (non OCing) and a MB is going to be about $260+ if your old rig is running DDR 2 ram you need a ram upgrade to DDR3 also.
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