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Upgrading HD 4350

Hi, i have an ATI HD4350 1GB,

I just bought a startcraft 2 and the performance was so poor on my computer, and for some of the games it crashes way too much.
Based the system requirement on the starcraft's website it recommend me to upgrade it to 512 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GT/GTS or ATI Radeon® HD 3870 or better.

the problems are,
1. I am a student, so the budget is tight here...
2. Am not really familiar with changing VGA card, so am not really sure whether the new card will suitable on my current motherboard or not.

I bought my desktop 2 years ago. (Dell Vostro 220 Series)
with these following specs:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50GHz (4 CPUs)
Memory: 3070MB RAM (*it's DDR2)
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
OS : Windows XP SP 3
Display Devices
Card name: ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series
Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Chip type: AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x954F)
DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
Display Memory: 1024.0 MB

about HD memory I still have approx 30 GBs free memory on each drives, so I don't think it'll be a problem :P
my budget is under 200 AUD, if possible under 150 AUD.

- just let me know what kind of information do you need to know, and how can I find it, I'll post it ASAP :D
- I checked the power supply it said that the maximum power output is 300 Watts

soo....any idea?

Thanks :D
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    Ok, if you are really on a tight budget take a look at these cards:

    I don't know how small the space is in your computer case. Also these cards do not need a power supply to connect to it.

    Sapphire 7750 1GB ($109.99)

    ASUS 6670 1GB ($92.99)

    Don't worry about whether if it's PCI-E 3.0 or lower. All PCI-E slots are compatible with a rare occasion where 2.1 cards doesn't work on 1.0 slots.

    You just need a x16 PCI-E slot.

  2. ^+1
    If you have the low profile case and requires a low profile card then what stated are you biggest choices. If you have a much bigger case then you can go with a bigger card.

    And that is depending on how many amps are on your 12v rail in your power supply (PSU). Dells PSU's are good PSU's to say the least. But for now your PSU will work on the card posted.

    Another problem is your HDD is almost full and that will cause problems with a game. It is recommended not to go over half of the HDD. You say you have 30 GB left. So what size is your Hard drive (HDD)?

    All I am doing is giving you more food for thought but I agree with Mr fantastik and it is the safest way to go. But let us know if your case is a narrow or minie case and please if you don't know give us the measurements. Good luck to you. Cheers
  3. @fantastik
    yeah, I got the x16 PCI-E

    1. case? do you mean the CPU casing dimension?
    I think I got a quiet big space down there :P

    2. How to find out the amount of amps on 12v rail PSU?

    3. about the HDD
    got 52.7 GB free space out of 200 GB in C
    and 20.1 GB free space out of 97.6 GB in D
    in general it's about 25% free spaces in both drives :D

    Finally is there any relation between PSU and VGA?
    and some people said that I need to update my BIOS too, what's that means?
    *sorry for being so dumb ....
    this will be my first attempt to upgrade the CPU by myself :P
  4. To answer your questions in the order you asked.
    1. Case? It is your tower not the inside just the outside. How long how wide and how tall is your case.
    2. On the PSU its self you will find a sticker that will have numbers like 3.3v = 14a + 5v = 16a + 12v = 14a. If you could right down all the numbers we will be able to tell you what is on the 12v rail.
    3. Don't worry about that you are fine.

    The relation in the PSU to the VGA is what the VGA requires in amps/watts to work. For example a GTX 560 Ti requires a 500w PSU to run that VGA. But some PSU's are well made and sometimes you can use a lesser PSU.

    If you have PCIe x 16 slot speed 1.0 then using a GPU that is a 2.1 might not work unless the bios is updated and it should be updated all the time anyway. With out the bios nothing would work.

    You would get power but nothing will happen. So here is some info on it. If you need more info just let us know and we will be glad to help and good luck.
  5. 1. the dimension of my case, (length x width x height) 42.5 x 17 x 36.
    I also took an inside picture of my CPU

    2. I don't know which one is that, so I decided to take a picture of it :P

    and I have a look at AMDs website, they said it's recommended to have 400 Watts PSU, is that still ok with 300 Watts?
    won't it will cause any problem ?

    I think I'll go with HD 7770 if possible, since it's only 30 AUD difference in the prices....

    how do you think?
    based on the store in Ausie,
    they sold:
    HD 7750 800/4500 Mhz : 119 AUD
    HD 7750 OC 850/4800 Mhz : 129 AUD
    need : 55 Watts

    HD 7770 1000/4500 Mhz : 149 AUD
    HD 7770 OC 1150/5000Mhz : 159 AUD
    need : 80 Watts

    *probably I can negotiate the price later when I decided to buy it....
  6. You are going to need a six pin power connector if you want to get the 7770. Since i'm using my mobile right now, I can't see the pictures you posted :/ when I get home ill see what may work for you. Also DM186, can chime in for his opinion.
  7. Your case is big enough to handle a full size card. Your PSU has 18amps on the 12v rail. The card that you are looking at needs only 4.6amps to run. Which your PSU is more than enough.

    Problem is the 6 pin connector. From looking at your pics I didn't see one but all the wires are jumbled up. Most of the cards come with a two molex to one 6 pin connector.

    So if you have two free molex connectors you can use then you are still good to go. But if you have to buy a new PSU make sure you get these brands because you could be buying a new rig.

    The brands are Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, XFX, Silver Stone, and some of the OCZs are ok. And since you only have one PCIe slot a 500w is a good one to get. As you will find oout that some 400w will cost more than the 500w.

    The 7770 is a good choice and it should fit lengh wise. If you have any more questions we will be more than glad to answer them. Good luck
  8. +1^

    I agree with the upgrade for PSU and Card recommendation.
  9. 1. about the molex connector, can I just buy an extension for it?
    2. in my case, I only have 1 free molex connector right?

    so I can get 2 free molex connector which later can be use to powered up the 6 pin connector....

    and btw, you guys are very awesome :D
    I don't even know about the molex connector until you mention it...
    (* I need to ask Mr.Google to show me which one is the molex connector)

    a bunch of thanks for you ! :D
  10. I hope we are helping and it's not too confusing for you. Regarding the molex connector, your card most likely need to use this:

    I am not sure if the card comes with a 2 molex to 6 pin connector. If not you can always buy one. This card need needs more power that's why it's a 2 molex.
  11. but as long I can connect them it'll be alright right?
    since I only have 1 free molex connector, I can just buy the splitter right?
    I mean the one that look like this....
  12. I don't think so, that might overload your power supply. I would not recommend buying HD 7770 or any other card that requires 6-pin connector without upgrading the PSU.
  13. I am not too sure if it may power the card. Your just splitting one molex connection and cutting into half. Now this card requires two molex connections to 1 6-pin. Like the picture I have shown. You may need a new PSU if you want to correctly power the card. 1 molex gives roughly 36 watts. So you need a second molex connector to power the card.
  14. hufff....
    I'll go with 7750 then ...
  15. lol, okay.
  16. hahhahahaa, nah it's fine
    am grateful you told me splitting the molex connector won't make it works :P
    so I can get the new VGA without changing the PSU :D
  17. Glad I helped ;).
  18. Fragarach said:
    but as long I can connect them it'll be alright right?
    since I only have 1 free molex connector, I can just buy the splitter right?
    I mean the one that look like this....

    In theroy that would work but since you have a generic 300w PSU to be safe I would upgrade your PSU to either a 400w, 430w, and/or a 500w. I will link you to some.

    If your PSU would have had a six pin or a few free molex connectors then I would have used it and since it doesn't then for sure a upgrade. Just remember what brands to get.

    So here are some links to a few PSUs. I think the 500w is the cheapest of the four. I hope this helps and good luck.




  19. Let's say, if I change my PSU too...
    Is that only like "replacing" the old one with the new one?
    Will that have any effect with the other components on my CPU?

    Cause a few months ago, something was wrong with the motherboard, I called Dell and they replaced the motherboard... Seems like I burnt the motherboard ......

    And if I not mistaken, the technician took out one of the splitter from my PSU to make it look neater...
    is there any way to find out how many molex cable it originally have?

    Thanks :P
  20. The splitters are just extras. The real number is the one which cannot be removed. Also, if you change the PSU you don't have to worry about other components.
  21. ^+1
    Sunius took the words right out of my head. It is up to you to take a chance and do it. If you think that is what he did and took out a molex. But are you sure he did? Let say you do it that way.

    The most that could happen is the card won't work. The second problem is if something else does not get enough power then you take a chance that it will burn or not. Your card could never work again or it will.

    My point is it you do it then don't blame us if something goes wrong. It is a 50 50 chance that something might go wrong or not. That is why it is up to you. We all have given our opinions on this and we say don't take the chance.

    If your PSU had the right connectors coming out of it then I would say yes but since it doesn't I say don't do it. Anyway good luck to you and I hope nothing happens if you go through with it.
  22. sorry for late response....
    I just opened my CPU again :P
    and I saw another 1 free molex cable...
    which mean that I got 2 free molex cable...
    is that ok to use all of the molex cable in the CPU?

    don't worry I won't blame you guys :D
  23. Well that is up to you. You have the facts and numbers. That PSU according to the numbers will run the card but again we all recommend that you don't. So it is up to you. Cheers
  24. I'll go with 7750 then...
    thanks :D
  25. Your very welcome and I know for sure you will be happy with that card and you will be good to go for a few years. Good luck and have a good time with that card because the graphics are so cool. Cheers
  26. I'll let you guys know as soon as I got the new card !
  27. Sounds good I can't wait to hear how good it is going to work.
  28. I ended up with 7770 and new PSU
    However, i encounter these problem now,
    After I installed the driver, it asked me to reboot right?
    And since then I can't go to windows,.
    Meaning, just after I see the windows logo, my screen goes to black and start blinking....
    So any idea?
  29. PS : my computer is not working faster but slower now --"
  30. did you plug in 6-pin power connector to the hd 7770? Are you plugging the monitor directly to the graphics card?
  31. ^+1
    Try what he said and if you have done all that try to disable the integrated GPU. Take out the card conect the monitor to you your integrated GPU Go into your bios and disable it.

    Then shut down put back in your new card and reboot. Then let us know what happened. Good luck
  32. it goes to blackscreen said that
    *bla bla bla*
    choose config you want to run...
    1. safe mode
    2. safe mode with cmd
    all goes to
    5. normal

    tried all of it but it keep restarting....
    so what's next doc? :P
    don't tell me I need to re-install the OS, since it not compatible with XP :'(
  33. Can you try your card in another rig just to check that the card is good? What do you mean that the XP is not compatible with what? your card? It is not your OS that is the problem.

    What did you do in safe mode? Tell us what you did. Also tell us in a little more detail what you have done. Like you said I tried all safe mode safe mode with cmd all goes to, normal and your comment it keeps restarting.

    What did you do in the different modes? and when does it restart? You are leaving a lot of info out. I want to get you up and going so we need to know everything you try and the order you try it in.

    There is a lot of stuff you can do in safe mode to fix certian problems. While in safe mode go to your control panel and look for devise manager click on it then click on display adapters.

    If your system is seeing your new card it will show up in that. It it isn't showing and your integrated is then right click on it then left click on disable. But if your system is showing it then right click on it.

    Then left click on update driver softwear and follow on screen directions. After that then get out of it and reboot your system. If it doesn't see it then do what I said about disable the integrated.

    Then reboot your system. That is the first try. The second try is take out your 7770 and follow the steps above. Then shut down and put in your 7770 and reboot normal. It you still have the same issue.

    Then you will need to try your card in another system to see if your card is not at fault. It this is too confusing let me know and I will reword everything to follow. Get back to us as soon as you can.

    I am sorry things are not working out for you but we are going to get it right.
  34. I can't access the safe mode....
    When I choose safe mode it stop at Mup.sys and restart again...
  35. can you even get into your bios? Ok take out your card hook back up to your integrated GPU and boot. How far can you get before freezing or crashing? If you boot all the way up.

    Then I would be looking at the card has a some issues. let us know.
  36. I can go to bios, but I can't find anything that say about integrated GPU on BIOS...
    Can you let me know where is it?
    I tried to use my old VGA and it doesn't work either....
  37. It is late where I am at so I will get back with you questions tomorrow for sure. But what you are telling us is not good. I need to do some reserch on it first Ok?
  38. Ok thanks!
  39. Can you tell us what PSU you have purchased?
  40. Coller power gx750...
    The guy in the shop said it'll provide 750 watts :D
  41. PS: it was working yesterday, and I'm happy with it...
    Then I turn it off and went to sleep...
    Suddenly it stop working this mornin when I want to use it...
  42. Well, the specs on the PSU is more than enough to power everything.

    Have you properly connected the 6-pin power connector?

    Are you saying your PSU is not working?
  43. Yes I did....
    The VGA is working finely yesterday...
    I played SC2 with high resolution and it's fine....
    oh yeah, I got ati2Dvag error with dumping physical memory before it keep restarting...
    I checked Bios, it said I have 4 gb rams...
    Was planning to re-install the OS... Will tha helping?
  44. Yes, in most cases. It will determine if anything else is interfering with your video display.
  45. So, I'll just re-install the windows 1st and I'll let you guys know what happen next :D
    Thank you for your help!
    * it may takes a while, since I need to find the cd first :p
  46. We will be waiting.
  47. Finally! Everythin is workin as it should!
    Thanks guys!
  48. That is good news. Lets hope that it stays true. You are welcome and good luck to you. Give the best answer to fantastik250. He was the first one to answer your thread and he gave you a lot of info. This was just incase if you were thinking who to give it to. Cheers
  49. Best answer selected by Fragarach.
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