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Mouse double clicking, keyboard holding down keys

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December 13, 2012 9:37:05 PM

I have a weird problem, not sure when it started. My mouse will randomly double click lightning-fast when I single click, also my keyboard will occasionally hold down a key when pressed until another key is pressed. My keyboard and mouse are both standard typical OEM keyboards that come with your average PC.

Things I have tried to fix it:

- Changing USB ports
- Removing USB Hub
- Removing all other USB devices
- Using a different keyboard and mouse
- Uninstalling every piece of software I've installed in the last 6 months
- Running virus scans with Norton, Kaspersky, and Avast (None detected, boot scans and normal scans)
- Used a program called "KeyboardTest" to make sure I wasn't just imagining it
- Deleted all keyboard/mouse related software
- Downgraded and/or updated drivers
- Deleted drivers completely and re-installed
- Ran sfc /scannow in case of corruption

I posted this a number of months ago and the first response I got was "Re-install Windows." That's not really a solution and not an option as I have nowhere to backup to. I really need help here, the double clicking is driving me crazy.

Core 2 Quad 9550 2.8Ghz @ 3ghz
4GB DDR2 800
160GB Intel 320 Series SSD, 250GB HDD
1GB nVidia GTX 460 (Heavily OC'd)
Windows 7 x64

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December 13, 2012 10:11:00 PM

usually the double click when you single click is due to the little copper contact under the mouse button going out of shape

common problem with some mice

i had it on my logitech g7

with a good eye and steady hands its possible to bend it back into shape--though its really small and quite tricky

heres the logitech one as an example

as for the keyboard try cleaning it and giving it a blast of air from a hairdryer in case crumbs etc are under the keys
December 13, 2012 10:49:42 PM

td854 said:


Things I have tried to fix it:


- Using a different keyboard and mouse

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December 13, 2012 10:56:04 PM

whoops--sorry i missed that bit

its late here
December 16, 2012 8:35:32 PM

Ok this is going to sound weird but after further review my mouse isn't exactly "double clicking per se, I mean it is but it's also moving positions, so say I'm in an FPS for example (which I don't play much of thus why I'm just noticing this now) sometimes when I click it will click once, move the mouse diagonally, then click again, almost instantaneously. In games where you right click to adjust the camera angle it's extremely noticeable because when you initially right click your camera will move instantly as if you were dragging the mouse into the top right corner of the screen.

Edit: Just in case someone mentions it; the SnapTo function is not on.