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This is my first build. I am using it for every day uses. No gaming, however, I will be watching some video's through my computer. I am going with this motherboard What CPU should I get? I want to go with Intel, but am unsure where to go after that. Would ivy bridge or sandy bridge be better for this motherboard? That is what I'm thinking. Let me know! Appreciate your time, thanks.
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  1. Oh, one more thing...I am not buying a video card, it will be integrated into the CPU.
  2. Great processor. No need to add anything for video unless you are playing back on a high res monitor. Check out Microcenter if there is one in your area for deals on motherboard/processors that beat Newegg.
  3. For watching videos, that is just overkill. An i3 2100 with a decent H67/H77 motherboard will be fine.
  4. would this be an even better option than the 2500k?
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