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Nvlddmkm and Artifacts

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June 9, 2012 8:04:58 AM


I have a three year old m860tu/np8662 from RK Computers. Two days ago my screen froze while playing League of Legends and then after I rebooted my laptop became progressively less functional. I began receiving green vertical lines evenly spaced across my screen as windows was starting up, followed by a string of "the display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" until eventually it would BSOD.

I tried a few things, like installing the latest Nvidia drivers: 301.42 and eventually decided to reinstall windows (I had a few other problems too; I accidentally installed a toolbar malware once, etc.)

After my clean install of Windows 7 x64, I was able to login, but once I installed any graphics driver and rebooted, I would experience even worse green artifacts and inevitably a crash or indefinite freeze.

I have a system restore point just prior to installing any nvidia graphics driver (I've tried 301.42, 296.10 275.xx, and 197.16). I've run chkdsk /f at boot. I'm able to load Windows if I either use safe mode, or if I delete the driver from device manager or control panel (so basically I can login if there's no video driver loaded).

My interesting components are a Q9000 processor, nVidia GTX 260m, and 2x4gb sticks of G.Skill DDR3.

I can't recall changing anything immediately prior to these crashes. I opened my laptop after the first string of crashes, prior to reinstalling Windows, and blew all of the dust out with a can of compressed air (there wasn't much). I've had the 2x4 gb sticks of ram in for about a year. I use a second monitor connected through HDMI (although I haven't been able to use it since reinstalling since I can never login to windows when I have a video driver installed). I have used a Cooler Master Notepal U2 cooling station for about 2.5 years.

I'm considering buying some thermal grease (I think I will also need to buy a thermal pad, but I'm not sure) and I'm considering baking my card. Any other advice? The most perplexing thing to me, is that I don't have any problems until I install a graphics driver, at which point I can't even load windows (which is also preventing me from underclocking my card, since it seems like most underclocking software requires a graphics driver to be present to function).

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Best solution

June 9, 2012 8:14:25 AM

poundcake said:
The most perplexing thing to me, is that I don't have any problems until I install a graphics driver, at which point I can't even load windows

This is because without the drivers your GPU is disabled so it will not be able to cause any artifacts and/or BSOD .

Unfortunately it would seem your graphics card has died.
June 9, 2012 8:19:38 AM

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