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So i was building my first pc, put the cpu in the MB, the Hyper 212 on, ram, GPU, and PSU and did a test run. The PSU is working because there is a light that lights up on the MB. I short it out to turn it on and no fans run, nothing pops up on the screen, nothing. Is my CPU/MB dead? Any ideas? Help!
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  1. Are you sure all your components are compatible?
  2. list all parts plz.
    and when you say 'short' are you breadboarding it? double check all connections, cmos jumper, and importantly fan connectors.
  3. So I have everything put together in the case, when I hit the switch the fans make a quick movement, the LEDs flash and then nothing.
  4. Is it maybe not getting enough power?
  5. Please listen/read posts and show us the parts. That way someone can help you. Right now anything would be a guess...........
  6. Parts are:
    AMD Phenom II x4
    Antec 550w PSU
    1tb HDD
    Asus M5A97 MB

    I'm not sure what breadboarding is...
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