Radeon Hd 6870 VS HD 7850

Okay so recently ive been back and forth between building my own pc and buying used and upgrading. My major concer right now is with gpus. I found a really nice used pc that only needs a new gpu, problem is, it already costs 650$.
Here are the specs.

Intel Core i5 2500k CPU
Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-G2H-B3 Motherboard
8Gb DDR3 Ram
1 Tb Hitachi 7200rpm HDD
Radeon HD 5770 1Gb GPU
LG Blu-ray Burner
600 Watt Power supply

So everything is good except for the gpu(and maybe psu since the brand isnt listed) and ive been debating between the old 6870 and the new 7850. I researched a little and they are alot closer in performance than i expected but of course the new 7850 is better and newer. However, the 6870 is only $190 whereas the 7850 is $270 so the 6870 is 80 bucks cheaper. That would mean that it would cost me $920 in the end if i got a 7850 and $840 if i got the 6870. Is the extra $80 worth it or should i just focus on the 6870?
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    The 7850 is worth it. In the end you have a bigger VRAM of 2GB and it's quite useful for current generation of games and higher resolutions. Also it will be lower in power consumption, thus saving you some money on the electric bill a bit. Also stronger in performance overall.

    If you are not planning on overclocking:
    The Sapphire 7850 (overclocked version) is good ($259.99)

    There is also a non overclocked version of Sapphire for $10 less
  2. Well I do have the money for the rig and the 7850 so I guess I might as well get that. Still don't know if ill be able to convince my parents on this one since it will cost a lot.(just graduated high school but my parents are making me be careful with my money). I was thinking of getting the XFX 7850 that has dual dvi outputs and double dissapation. Not as popular as the asus one or sapphire but the xfx 5670 was my first gpu and it never did me wrong after 2 and a half years of abuse so I trust xfx most.
  3. Alright, seems like you are getting what you want. Congrats on graduating! :)
  4. Thanks for the info and thanks for the congratulations :)
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