Recommendation For Elegant case Under $125


I'm about to do my first build which is going to be an all around computer mostly as media center/casual gamin/general use.

Ati hd 7 series
1-3 tb storage
16gb ram

I'm looking for a elegant case something like the Corsair Obsidian 550d ,Fractal Design R4,Bitfenix Ghost,Antek P280.

I want space for future upgrade,black interior,tool less,filtered,no water cooling,hot swap and best quality for the money.

Remember is a basic rig so no overclocking i rarely play games want something that would look good, simple and no robot looking case.
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  1. I recently got a Corsair 200R for my new build and its been amazing!
    I also got it for only $60. Its a steal for the quality case it is. It is an older corsair model, but its still awesome. I would highly recommend it for someone thats on a budget but looking for a functional elegant case!
  2. Fractal Design R4 seems to suit you best. It's a very good case.
  3. The Fractal Design Define R4 is a very nice case for users worried about the noise level produced by the PC. The quality is top-notch and its price is right, making the Define R4 a terrific buy. Pros
    + Elegant and professional looking
    + Choice of 3 colours
    + Great quality
    + Great cable management options
    + Fan controller
    + Competitively priced

    - No tool-less option for optical drives
  4. I think I'll go with the FDD R4 it has the looks i want plus i have seen it online for around $80 that's even less that I had in mind.Thanks!!
  5. Great choice.Your welcome!
  6. The cases you chosen are quiet ones, so out of those go with the Fractal Design R4. However, "elegant", when I saw that word I was thinking of the NZXT Phantom. That case looks awesome to me and I would get it. In fact I want one right now.
  7. Never mind the NZXT Phantom I only read a quarter of your answer and did not see the robot part. I guess the NZXT Phantom would be more of a robotic case. I have a nasty habit of doing this.
  8. To be honest i really don't to care to much about quietness I just want something i could put in a small apartment living room and not look like R2D2 with a bunch of neon or something that looks like the bad little decepticon in the movie.I want something elegant is relative I want something functional and bold looking and not a heat trap either.The NXZT is one of the less robotic looking not a bad choice I bet for a build like mine and the purpose none of them are a bad choice I'm just trying to avoid the one I should not even loot at because quality or any other reason.Again thanks you guys I still shopping reading and leaving that as one of the last items to buy giving time to see if something new comes up.
  9. Now that you are considering the Phantom, you should definitely get it. It has amazing airflow, great functionality, and unique looks (although it may not be for everyone). However the downside to getting that case would be the lack of dust filters, the PSU dust filter is very basic as it is a sheet of mesh and not really a dust filter you can pull out, also the dust filter in the front doesn't seem very effective as it uses the same design the PSU one uses. Personally I like the Black one.
  10. I don't think people should worry so much about dust filters or even airflow unless extreme circumstances.I owned computers that I cleaned once maybe twice during it's life span(2-3 years) and operated in a normal environment and never had an issue.Sure having them won't hurt but to me is not a deciding factor.
  11. What about the NZXT H2, comes in black and white color, has a top hot swap bay for 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch drives, its quiet, tool less 5.25 and 3.5 inch bays, 3 speed fan controller, and has dust filters in every intake.

    Is not the best case in therms of airflow because of the way the hard drives are mounted but if you do a good cable management and don't have a lot of hard drives you'll be able to achieve a good airflow even for a silent case.
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