Clicking noise coming from computer.

Hey guys,

I built a new computer recently
i7-3770, coolermaster 212 evo, antec 300 case, gtx 680, 8gb gskil ripjaws, 120gb sandisk ssd drive.

In any case, the computer has been running fine for two months, but now when I turn on my computer, I hear a weird clicking noise like "tk tk tk tk." The sound lasts for about a minute or two and then stops and runs normal from then on. If I reboot the computer, the problem doesn't occur. It only starts when I power on my computer from a cold boot. However, if I shut down my computer and turn it on a few seconds later, then it won't make that noise. In other words, it only makes that noise if the computer has been off for a few hours and then turn it on. I unplugged the fans and it still makes the noise. I don't think it's the ssd, because there is no moving parts. Everything is working perfectly, so I don't know what the problem is.
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  1. what is your psu that could be the problem
  2. I have a corsair tx650 v2. i heard that it's a really good psu.
  3. really good psu can also have faulty fans and power cords don't worry it's on the warranty you can return that one and get a new one just call them up if it doesn't fix the problem no sweat you have a new psu and that eliminates the psu out of the build flaw
  4. hmm i don't think that the psu is the problem. i looked at youtube videos of faulty psus and they emit an obvious "something is seriously wrong" noise. maybe i should describe the sound better. it sounds like a 7200rpm harddrive accessing/transferring data, but louder. does this help?
  5. hmmmm what the hard drive you packing

    It sounds like a hard drive access/clicking noise, but i don't think it's coming from the hard drive, because ssd's don't have moving parts. most of the forums that address noise problems deal with fan issues, but i don't seem to be having any fan issues. when using cpuid, all the fans are at a steady rpm and don't fluctuate. hm.... i don't know what to do.
  7. send pics so i can configure the problem more accurately
  8. check all connections from the psu (power cables included) - by check i mean unplug and reconnect them. once done, leave the side off, and boot machine. hunt for that sound.

    the sould could be electrical discharge (hence power cables) or a mechanical part; so a fan, hdd or cd drive. - these are what you are checking for.
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