Mouse lag tried formatting plus testing with other mice


My mouse lags slightly in operating system but barley enough to really cause a problem but in games its enough to become really irritating. Its just a complete lack of 'smoothness' rather than freezing up of any sort.

It always used to be perfect so its not a case of the games demands being too much for the laptop.

I've tried formatting with XP but that didn't solve the problem, currently I'm back in windows 7.

Tried a different mouse and experienced the same, I've tried with and without drivers as well - same problem.

As far as I can tell the touch pad isn't what it should be either.

Naturally this has left me completely confused!

any ideas?
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  1. Check the bios to see if you've dropped it to usb 1 mode.
    Check the polling rate in the OS.
  2. bizarrely changing the desktop res down a notch fixed it
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