Hp Pavilion a6000 doesn't power on right

I have an Hp Pavilion a6000 with a Phenom x4. 8gb ram 400gb hdd, Nvidia 9800gt 1gb card Which is new and a new 600w PSU

When I power it on. The Power light doesn't come on,the HDD light flashes once them goes off. All the fans inside turn on but I get nothing but a black screen. when I hold in the power button to shut it off all the fans kick up to high speeds but the PC will not turn off. the only way to turn it off is to unplug it.
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  1. Theres a a good possibility both are shot. Test or have the power supply tested first and if its bad then replace it with a good quality unit and check the motherbd with that. A quality PSU wont get damaged by a faulty motherbd.
  2. Well. When I 1st got the PC I thought the on board gfx adapter quit working(black screen) so I upgraded the gfx card and the PSU. They are both brand new just got them and installed them today. It is a Diablotek DA Series 600watt ATX PSU.The gfx card is an EVGA 9800 GT Pcie 2.0 DDR3
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