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Long story short I've got a rosewill blackhawk mid tower case that doesn't like tower cpu air coolers. All the forum posts complain about how it hits the side fan when you install a heatsink like the 212+ evo. I'm going to be overclocking the phenom x4 965 BE, so i needed better cooling. The closed loop liquid coolers are the best option because of the space requirements I have. Which is better the corsair h60 or the antec kuhler h20 620. both are on sale right now at and the h60 is 40 after mail-in-rebate, but the antec is $55 shipped out the door. From the reviews both are good, but i'm leaning towards the antec, should i get it?
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    I have the 620 on a 3570k at 4.2Ghz, and I idle at 32C and never go higher than 60C, and that is with one fan on the radiator! The H60 is just as good, so get the one that is cheaper, it doesn't matter. Good luck!
  2. Thanks, I got the antec h20 620 because people overall rated it higher than the h60 and it cooled slightly better. The antec is slightly thicker than the h60. paid 44 for it w/ a tube of thermal paste and got free shipping :D
  3. Where did you get an h2o for $40? At that price you got me wanting one! LoL
  4. popatim said:
    Where did you get an h2o for $40? At that price you got me wanting one! LoL

    HERE! go get it while it lasts, be sure to order over 55 dollars then you get free shipping. don't forget about the $10 mail-in-rebate :). when i looked again the price had raised 5 bucks... so ya. still a good deal though! I'd just grab this and some thermal paste it's the perfect combo w/ free shipping
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