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Hey everyone....

Putting together my rig and I'm a first timer. I bought the ASRock z77 extreme4 MB and I've been looking at vid's on youtube and have discovered the XFast 555 feature.

I was hoping to get some advice hear about these features, especially the Ram portion. I don't really understand it and would like to learn more so that I can utilize it better.

I'm using i5-3450, I've got 8gb ram and an 128gb ssd as well as a 500gb hdd. So will the XFast feature help me and if so how do I use it?

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  1. The XFast RAM feature isn't really what the name states it is. It doesnt speed up your RAM but rather gives you an easier way to make a RAM disk*.
    Its useful if you have a 32bit OS and more than 4GB since then its not going to be completely wasted, but on a 64bit OS there's no reason to use it unless you have an abundance of RAM (Which you dont).

    The rest of the AsRock utilities I haven't noticed any real benefit from (Except the USB3 turbo thing, that has helped in transferring to an external drive). The LAN utility is of arguable usefulness and the overclocking utility is pointless as the BIOS is already optimized for overclockers.

    A RAM disk acts like a Hard Drive, you can store data in there, but it runs at RAM speeds (effectively instant). Since the data is stored in the RAM, that "partition" cant be used for general system operation. Useful if you have some particularly large file that needs to be constantly accessed.
  2. Awesome, thank's for the reply!
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