XFX AMD RADEON 6790 vs ASUS GTX 550 ti???

I wanted to know the difference between those 2 cards and is the gap HUGE? I'm going to play battlefield 3 and crysis 2....My system specs are I5 2320, 4gb 1333mhz kinstom ram, 500 gb hdd, ecs h61h2-m6 mobo.
I searched everywhere but found no real confirming ideas. For me as anti aliasing is important, the gtx550 ti is the clear winner, but what about overall playability and performance? I like nvidia more because of physyx and popularity! BUT i wanted you people to give me ideas and suggestions, if possible performance figures and everything! A BIG THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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  1. There is a great deal going on right now with the GTX 560 ti

    Zotac AMP! GTX 560 Ti ($199.99, $169.99 after mail-in rebate)

    Even better and stronger than 550ti
  2. Thanx a lot, i guess i'll move for a regular 560 that is priced same as the 550ti :) the 560ti is out of my price range ;(
  3. That is a good choice and it is better than both cards that you were looking at. I feel that you should be informed about all the info about what you are planning. I can't make the choice for you.

    All I can do is show you all the pro's and con's about stuff and then you deside which will work for you. Here is the difference between the 550 ti and the 560 non ti if you haven't done so. Good luck to you on your new card.

    550 ti vs 560 non ti
  4. thanks again for helpful info;)
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