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My computer boots up up shuts down then after 5 seconds it turns on and stays on
I have the right ram cause when I boot up I can actually get on the system but it is annoying the way it works
so I press the power button everything turns on fans 2 seconds later it dies and comes back on in another 5 seconds all the screws are in the right holes the power supply works ok tested RAM works compatible Graphics card works. I think it is the motherboard please help also it says when it does come on press F1 overclock failed I didn't overclock

Asus P8P67 3.0
i5 2500
Radeon HD 5670
8GB DDR3 1333MhZ
500GB Seagate Barracuda
300GB Seagate
650 Watt Power Supply

What could be the problem checked no lose cables
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  1. psu is doa don't worry as long as you contact the manfacture they always send you a new one for the return of that one that is doa
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