HD5770 HDMI display blurry on LG2341A

Hello everyone,
So I'm having a problem with my current setup.
Everything is fine when I connect to my monitor via dvi to vga converter from my graph card to my monitor vga jack.
But when I connect via HDMI, text and picture appears blurry. Color looks more alive though, but the display is somehow not correct. Not as sharp as the VGA.

What I've tried so far:
-googling (many similar problems, but i can't apply their solution for mine)
-updating driver
-adjusting overscan, resolution, and anything in CCC (I'm using 1080p, monitor native res)
-tweaking my monitor setup

So is it the monitor, or the graphic card on fault here?
I haven't tried to use DVI to DVI because the monitor doesn't have dvi jack.
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  1. Did you install the monitor drivers ? What driver did you update ? Is your monitor identified correctly in Device Manager ? I use LG E2250 and Sapphire Radeon HD5770 with no problems.
  2. I did. Both drivers. LG and ATI drivers.
    Everything seems correct. It does identify 2 types of output, CRT-analog (from VGA) and HDMI. In device manager, both types of display run under LG drivers (LG M2341A)
    Did also use your HDMI, or DVI?
  3. Currently I use DVI for the LG monitor. I spare HDMI for a Sony TV set.
  4. 1st, That is not a HDTV is it?

    2nd, there a option in CCC that will or should fix the HDMI blurry problem, Something Overscan is the name, I'll post up a screenshot, I had to do this on my HP 2159m 21inch monitor with HDMI, but DVI/VGA was fine.

    This is the HD5850 and CCC 12.4, 11.12 CCC says but its updated.
  5. It is a Full HD 1080p TV-monitor combo, so isn't it a HDTV?

    Yes, I tried it, that overscan thing. Either I slide it down or up, it didn't give more sharpness or clarity to the display. It just made the display fit perfectly.
  6. yes, I have tried all pixel format, and nothing work.
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    Ha, there is your problem. The HDTV works fine for blueray or console that uses the hdmi, But if you use the hdmi with a PC on a HDTV, The PC puts out to much of a signal, and the TV Just wont like Focus in. I use a 19inch HDTV for a 2nd monitor, and I tried the hdmi and it was blurry no matter what I did, Lower res, higher res, Overscan/underscan, pixel format. I ended up having to use a hdmi to vga connector to get it to come in clear. A bit of quality loss, but nothing thats that noticeable.

    You can get an adaptor, for the hdmi if you have to, But DVI is pretty much the same as hdmi, so if you have a dvi, i'd use that and be set.
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